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Push Cart Package Large Event

push cart

1.What Is Included In This Package?

For $325 you get the following:

  • One Ice Cream Push Cart (No electricity needed).
  • 300 fruitbars of your choice.
  • Dry Ice Blocks (5 pounds each). IS NOT INCLUDED
  • Delivery for this package IS NOT INCLUDED.  
  • See Step #3 for delivery options.           

After you add this package to your cart, we will contact you to confirm the details of your order, including what flavors you want.

2. Other Items You Can Add to Your Package.

Feel free to add as many ice cream, candies, chips, and toys as you want.

3. Revise Your Cart.

Both Push Cart Packages, Small and Large Events, do not include shipping. You need to choose “Local Pickup” at your Cart page, as this is the only shipping method that applies to this package. Only after this step you can go to Checkout.

4. Go to Checkout.

Once you complete your purchase, we will contact you. Please, note that the order IS NOT EFFECTIVE until we are able to confirm it with you. Unable to contact you at least three days before your booking date, it will result in cancellation of your order and refund of your money.

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