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Ice Cream Truck Package

1. What Is Included In This Package?

  • 1 Ice Cream Truck will go to your event.
  • One server for one hour will hand out the items that you bought from us.
  • No extra charge if your event is up to 10 miles from our warehouse. If your event location is more than 10 miles from us see Step#3.
  • If you need additional servers and hours,please add them to your Cart on Step#2.              

1. Choose Your Products.

Make a minimum $350 purchase from any of our Product Categories below and add them to your Cart. 

2. Do You Need Servers?

One Server for one hour is already included on your purchase of $350. If you need additional servers or hours to hand out the treats to your guests, please click on the Server Category below and add more Servers and Hours per Server to your cart. Servers are subject to availability.

3. Revise Your Cart.

After you introduce your shipping address at your Cart, please choose either the “Flat Rate” or the “Local Pickup” option. IF “Flat Rate” is available at your Cart page, it means that your event is outside our Free Delivery Zone, and the “Free Shipping” option does not apply to you. Only after this step you can go to Checkout.

4. Go to Checkout.

At the bottom of the Checkout page, there is a section for you to write additional instructions for delivery date and hours and any other details related to your order. Once you complete your purchase we will contact you. Please, note that the order IS NOT EFFECTIVE until we are able to confirm your order with you. Unable to contact you at least three days before your booking date, it will result in cancellation of your order and refund of your money.

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