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Ice Cream Truck for Sale ( $ 8,000 ) Ready to Work.

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Try one of our Special Event Packages and make your event fun and unforgettable.

We carry many of the finest quality ice creams, including some of those which cannot be found in retail stores.

If you are interested in starting your own business as an Ice Cream Truck Driver, here you can find some tips.

We provide schools and PTA’s with frozen treats that comply with the latest school districts regulations.

Our Products

Prices for ice cream listed on this website are intended for the general public only. If you are a business owner, contact us.

 We carry a large selection of pre-packaged snacks like chips and Mexican Wheel Snacks.

Check out our selection of party favors and novelty toys. We have some classic toys, hard to find anywhere else. 

On this section you can find equipment and tools you might need if you are in the mobile vendor industry.

Event Packages

Push Cart Small Event


Push Cart Large Event


Freezer and Umbrella

(Min. $300)

Ice Chest Package


Ice Cream Truck Package

Min. $350

Distributing Happiness is Our business
12 Years Of Experience In The Mobile Vendor Industry

SG Ice Cream is a Mobile Vendor Commissary in Ontario, Southern California. For more than 12 years, we have been providing the best quality products at competitive prices for customers who value not only low prices, but an excelent service as well. We carry a large variety of ice creams, candies, chips, toys, and equipments needed in the mobile vendor industry. We are one of the few Ice Cream Trucks Commissaries approved by the San Bernardino County Health Department Division. If you are a retail business owner, or an ice cream truck owner, and you are looking for a reliable supplier, we are that company. May be you are not in the business of selling ice cream, but you are planning to have a fundraising event, or a social ice cream day, or an ice cream theme party, no matter what your event is, if you want to have ice cream at your event, we can help you too. Visit our store or call us to learn more about our services and products.

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